Technology Used

1. Three Arm Caliper

2. Borehole Deviation

3. Gyroscopic Borehole Navigation

4. Dual Density + Caliper

5. Neutron Thermal Neutron


6. Full Waveform Sonic

7. Acoustic Televiewer

8. Optical Televiewer

9.  Electrical Resistivity

10. Gamma Ray

Services Applications

Ore body delineation

Borehole Diameter

Lithology, bed boundaries, clay content

Fracture Characterization / Rock Strength

Deviation (borehole verticality)


In-situ quantitative Density (Coal & other applications)

Geophysical Logging Services

For an exhaustive and comprehensible study of the rocks, we use equipment with appropriate technology to meet the generic needs of the evaluation.

Geomotec provides geophysical services for mining using various measuring instruments.

Geophysical logs provide petrophysical property information important to exploration geophysicists, geologists, mine managers, and multi-disciplinary professionals involved in exploration, mine-site production and replicas de relojes development, mine de-watering, and many other mining industry demands. Geomotec geophysical logging services have been proven useful in geologic interpretations and in-situ mineral evaluation.

Wireline Logging Applications

  • Base metals
  • Coal
  • Diamonds
  • Gold
  • Oil sands
  • Phosphate
  • Platinum
  • Potash

• Silver

• Uranium

• Coalbed methane

• Oil shale

• Shale gas and oil

• Shallow oil and gas

• Tight gas

In a typical coal logging operation, where density is usually the key measurement, it is prudent to enforce a rigorous calibration and verification procedure from the outset. This involves base calibration, site verification and the monthly logging of a test well, which represents the ultimate assurance of log quality.

About Us

  • Vision

    Our vision is to be the partner of your most daring challenges and to provide your project with quality, safety and responsiveness.

    Constantly adapting to the expectations in the field of logging, Geomotec anticipates the needs of tomorrow and offers innovative solutions today.

  • Mission

    Geomotec delivers innovative technologies and services designed to meet the world’s current and future energy needs in a safe, ethical, and sustainable manner. Grounded by our core values and inspired by our world-class people, we are committed to being a trusted business partner to those we serve.

  • Values

    Ethics and integrity

    Collaboration and partnership

    Commitment to sustainability

    Discipline and accountability

    Innovation and technology leadership

Data Acquisition

We customize all aspects of our Slimline logging services, including equipment and personnel, to suit your needs. Working directly at your job site, our logging experts deploy specialized technologies to acquire a variety of high-quality logs in boreholes as small as 2-1/4 in. for minimal impact. With personnel and materials positioned strategically throughout the world, we can accommodate any type of deadline no matter where you are located.

We select, characterize, and calibrate our geophysical logging equipment to exacting mining standards to ensure optimal performance. The light weight and small diameter of the logging tools prevent sticking in narrow boreholes. And by reducing, if not eliminating, the need to drill for multiple core samples, our logging tools can make your exploration operations faster and less costly.

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Data Transmission

Receive your data from wherever you want, whenever you want. We give you the option to view logging data from on-site computers or from remote locations using our unique web-based service.