1.Three Arm Caliper

    • Borehole diameter measurement,
    • Borehole volume calculation before borehole completion, cementation,
    • Fracture and cavity localization,
    • Rock integrity evaluation,
    • Often used in the implementation of environmental correction equations for other logs.

2. Borehole Deviation

    • Borehole True Vertical Depth,
    • Borehole trajectory based on direction, inclination and drift measurement,
    • True bed thickness,
    • Location of magnetic beds or steel piles near borehole (z-component of magnetometer)

3. Gyroscopic Borehole Navigation

    • Borehole inclination,
    • Borehole drift,
    • True vertical depth
    • Natural gamma
    • Magnitude and direction of surrounding magnetic field.

4. Dual Density + Caliper

    • Quantitative In-situ Density
    • Petrophysical Properties
    • Coal Quality and Delineation
    • Density Porosity
    • Caliper Borehole Volume

5. Neutron Thermal Neutron

    • Quantitative In-situ Porosity
    • Petrophysical Properties
    • Aquifer Quality and Delineation
    • Moisture Content of Unsaturated Matrix
    • Used with other logs, can detect gas zones and identify gas-liquid contacts
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